About InfoSec, Inc.

InfoSec Inc. provides high-quality consulting services and software to mainframe customers resulting in increased operational efficiencies, improved compliance and decreased costs.

InfoSec, Inc., a small business, is a premier mainframe services and software provider with services focused on IBM-RACF, CA-ACF2 and CA-Top Secret. We are a long-standing mainframe services and software company and have been providing high quality mainframe services and software since 1998. We provide all mainframe related services from operating system installation, upgrade, performance and tuning, 3rd party software support and more on both the z/OS and VM/VSE platforms, offering the finest available expertise for securing and supporting IBM z/OS and VM/VSE environments and for the IBM-RACF, CA-Top Secret and CA-ACF2 security systems.

InfoSec is the original designer and developer of automated, unattended cleanup for mainframe security databases. Information regarding exactly what is - and is not - being used in your security database is key to managing access control and housing only those users and entitlements that are needed to run your business.

InfoSec's new product - Mainframe Event Acquisition System™ (MEAS™), co-developed with DG Technology Consultants, LLC, is designed to help clients collect real-time information pertaining to security events, database related events, transaction processing events and more. This technology enables mainframe clients to collect, store, report and take action against the event data through integration with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and log management technologies.

InfoSec is a reseller of TSSadmin Express™, designed to boost your productivity and increase the accuracy of the work you do with CA Top Secret® z/OS (TSS). It eliminates the rote, day-to-day busy work by transforming the DOS-like native TSS command interface into a powerhouse of intelligent automated processes expressly designed for TSS administration. The result? You'll be better able to meet service levels and provide faster and more accurate security administration to your customers.

InfoSec provides specialized products and services to professionals responsible for large-scale information security. Key traits of InfoSec offerings are their conciseness, effectiveness and high quality. InfoSec services include:

  • Installing, Implementing, upgrading mainframe security
  • Security/PCI assessments
  • DoD Diacap compliance support
  • HIPAA, SOX, et al audit compliance
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) design and implementation
  • Security database cleanup - Identifying and removing obsolete security entries
  • Converting and/or consolidating security systems
  • Resolving audit concerns
  • Extending application security
  • Operating system upgrades and support
  • Mainframe database administration and support
  • z/OS, VM/VSE 3rd party software upgrades and support
  • z/OS, VM/VSE performance and tuning

InfoSec has successfully completed well over 100 individual projects for our clients and boasts a 96% client satisfaction rate (D&B independent survey completed 10/2009.)

Experienced, innovative, concise professionals; InfoSec staff remain focused on your business needs and schedules. Staff experience ranges from security product developers to Fortune 500 security executives.

This allows InfoSec to provide insight and solutions from business level requirements to technical software interfacing needs.

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