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InfoSec Inc. provides high-quality consulting services and software to mainframe customers resulting in increased operational efficiencies, improved compliance and decreased costs.

InfoSec's deep experience in the mainframe computing arena has positioned the company to provide a wide variety of services to mainframe clients.

InfoSec's management has been involved with mainframes since 1979 and as we all know now, they are not going away like many thought they would. Seventy percent (70%) of all mission critical data still resides on the mainframe today. Many years ago, when people thought the mainframes were doomed, we have seen a shift of talent from the mainframe platform to distributed platforms. This is leaving a big gap in the talent required to continue to operate the mainframes in our agencies and businesses today.

InfoSec consulting professionals offer the finest available expertise for large scale information security and particularly with IBM S/390 and z/OS security and with the CA-ACF2, IBM RACF and CA-Top Secret security systems. Known for being experienced, innovative and concise... InfoSec professionals get work done. Each request for services is tailored to best match both client need and InfoSec expertise.

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